If Only Pianos Could Talk

Thoughts from a Piano Tuner


The days they pass so quickly now. That reminds me of words from a John Denver song. Exactly twelve months ago I was boarding a Qantas jet to commence my Churchill Fellowship and I used the words from the song “Today” in my travel blog and now I am thinking of the...

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Treble too dull?

I have seen this situation a couple of times with the same small grand. The piano is an entry level 150cm grand made by a respected manufacturer, that's five feet long in the old language, and the owners say to me that the treble and high treble is weak in sound. The...

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  A piano is a complex instrument and most piano owners do not understand the working mechanism of such. There are a few pianists with knowledge of how the piano works and have an  understanding of the maintenance required for their instrument, however the...

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If only pianos could talk

" You want to do what"? asked my Manager. "Leave a career in banking to tune pianos?" He wasn't the only one to ask this question. Why would I want to leave a stable and respected career and go and work on pianos? "Electronic organs are the popular instrument. Pianos...

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For the times, they are a-changin

I cannot believe it is over six months since I have returned from my Fellowship. The past six months has been spent processing and applying the knowledge. Talking about my experiences has also made me remember small details that I thought I had forgotten. The voices...

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My Way

And now, the end is here  And so I face the final curtain  My friend, I'll say it clear  I'll state my case, of which I'm certain Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew  When I bit off more than I could chew  But through it all, when there was doubt  I ate it up and...

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About Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson is one of the most highly trained and experienced piano tuners in Australia, and one of only a handful of concert technicians trained at the Steinway & Sons Academy in both New York & Hamburg.

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