Online Bookings Now Available!

written by Brian Wilson
04 5 16

I am always looking for ways to improve my service to my clients, which is why I am now using an online booking service.

Why? To make it easier for clients to quickly book the time that works for them without the dreaded Phone Tag Tango.

A quick history of the Phone Tag Tango

Looking back over my time in the industry, in the very early days of piano tuning, customers would phone for an appointment and generally there was a person to answer your call and book an appointment.

Then came those dreaded answering machines. After a day’s work, the piano tuner would check the messages and return the calls. Many appointments were lost because, “You didn’t phone me back”. Piano owners were so used to instantly making a booking that not being able to book then and there was an issue.

Paging machines were the next great invention. Again the negative was that you had to phone the caller back.

Mobile phones then came into the world of piano tuners. However, we all know that the mobile system isn’t as good as it supposed to be, so there are many times when you are simply “out of range” and the caller leaves a message on the Voicemail.

There is also the problem than can be described under “Murphy’s Law”. I can be available to talk on my phone and make appointments, but as soon as I start driving, the phone will ring. I can talk to clients via Bluetooth, but many times I cannot make an appointment simply due to not being able to pull off the road to juggle the diary. Then the Phone Tag Tango starts as both sides seem to miss the phone calls back and forth.

Then there are times when I am deep in the bowels of a concert grand and can’t get to the phone in time – so the Phone Tag Tango starts to play.

Wouldn’t it be easier just to grab the time you want, when you want it? Finally a way around the problem of Phone Tag Tango, thanks to technology.

Existing Clients Bookings 

My existing clients will now receive a reminder email when it is time to tune and service their instrument. You won’t even have to think about it – I have your piano in my diary and will send you a reminder so there is one less thing on your to do list.

In the email there will be a link to my online diary, which means that you can make a booking directly in my diary at a time that suits you.

After the booking is made, you will receive a confirmation email and my diary is automatically updated. It’s that simple! You choose the time that works for you, make your booking and then I will be there at the agreed time.

New Clients Bookings

The system also works for new client bookings. All that new clients need to do is fill in the contact form or send me an email, and I will send them access to my diary so they can find a time that works for them.

Remember, I still like talking to clients and I love tuning your pianos! However this will simply streamline the booking process for you and will stop the refrains of the Phone Tag Tango from endlessly playing in our lives.

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