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Service Calls & Inspections - $120

Service Calls & Piano Inspections

Need to check out a piano you are thinking of buying or to appraise the condition of your instrument?

We inspect the instrument & provide an appraisal stating the piano’s condition and the required work to make your instrument musical.

Our call out fee also applies if a tuning service has been booked, but when we arrive we find that the piano it too old or in too poor a condition to be successfully tuned.

Piano tuning service

Tuning & Overview - $230 (New customers). Discounted rate for regular Piano Care clients.

Piano Tuning & Overview Service

I am often asked for my best price. However, there is more to piano tuning than just adjusting strings and trying to finish as fast as possible. My philosophy is one of complete piano care where I help you get the very best musical experience out of your instrument.

This is my recommended service for your regularly serviced instrument in good condition. It will make your piano sound and feel more enjoyable to play.

It is a 2-hour service which includes pedal adjustment, minor action regulation to address felt compression and minor voicing to make the tone consistent from one note to another. Repairs of sticking notes can be addressed or even a quick wipe over of the interior. We also provide a digital read out of the current pitch. A pitch adjustment of within 10 cents* this can also be part of the service tuning. 

Given the greater depth of service and adjustments I undertake as standard,  my fees reflect the extra time spent on the instrument.

*100 cents = 1 semitone

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Tuning + Pitch Adjustment. $285 (New customers). Discounted rate for regular Piano Care clients

Piano Pitch Adjustment

If the piano hasn’t been serviced for a number of years but is otherwise in good condition, or the piano has moved from another climate, a pitch adjustment  is necessary before the instrument can be tuned to the pitch A-440Hz (A above middle C is matched to a tuning fork or electronic device). This will ensure the correct aural training for the pianist as well as the ability to play along with other instruments, radio or CD’s.

A pitch adjustment is several quick passes through the tuning system to tension the strings to establish the correct pitch and to achieve tuning stability so that the instrument will stay in tune. We also provide a digital read out of the current pitch.

If a major pitch adjustment is required, another tuning in two and six months is recommended.


Minor pitch adjustment 10<25cents: $50

Major pitch adjustment 25<50cents: $70

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Interior Cleaning

Interior Piano Cleaning

It may surprise you how much dust and dirt can collect in your piano and how many hidden problems may be lurking.

Our interior cleaning service is very thorough and is the best way to check for internal mould, vermin and/or insect infestation. We remove the action, the keys, and clean all accessible parts, including the action cavity, the cast-iron plate, the key bed, the mechanical action and even underneath a grand piano’s strings.  Make your piano look new again!


Uprights: $100

Grands: $150

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Action Regulation

Piano Action Regulation

From $120 per hour

The playing mechanism requires maintenance to realign moving parts, removal of friction, lubricating and adjusting the mechanism to play to its potential.

1 Day Piano Action Service

This is for a reasonably new instrument, a re-built action, or for those pianos that have been regularly tuned but have never received any maintenance. The action is cleaned and lubricated to reduce friction, action and keys regulated to factory specifications, servicing the pedal mechanism and voicing the hammers.

2-3 Day Piano Action Service

This is for instruments that have received more use, or for annual concert piano service

In addition to the one day service, The hammers are reshaped to remove string cuts, re-aligned and fitted to the strings, and the damper assembly fully regulated.

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Piano Voicing

The overall tone of the instrument is adjusted by manipulation of the resiliency of the hammer heads. Softening the hammers can create a warmer sound as well creating a brighter sound through the use of hammer hardeners. Hammers can be reshaped to remove string cuts and correctly aligned to the strings.


From $120 per hour

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Piano Repairs

From $120 per hour

Hammer replacement and fitting

Custom hammers – we can recommend genuine parts or recommend alternate hammers to suit your sound preferences

Damper and key end felt replacement

Keyboard overhaul – key bushings, key polishing

String and soundboard cleaning


* Terms & Conditions

All services are available in Brisbane and SEQ locations. Additional fees apply for out of area and weekend and after hours appointments (depending on availability)

An invoice is emailed on completion of work. Payment on completion of work by cash/cheque/bank deposit/credit card/Paypal

Proudly servicing Steinway & Schimmel Pianos

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