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Brian Wilson CF, Piano Technician


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Brisbane Piano Tuning Services

Pianos are like all stringed instruments – they need regular tuning and maintenance to perform at their best.

Each piano is a living instrument and has its quirks, habits and nuances that need to be balanced with the desires of the musician.

Through piano tuning and regulation, you can try to force the piano to submit, or you can work with the piano, to bring out its best so that the piano and the musician perform in harmony.

High-quality piano tuning, regulation and voicing works with the instrument to bring it to concert hall standard allows it to perform at its best and retain its sound for longer.

Piano tuning services

Grand Piano Tuning

From Baby Grand Tuning to Concert Grand Tuning . We tune grand pianos for responsive touch and consistent tone.

Upright Piano Tuning

We tune your upright piano for the perfect balance of volume, tonality and action for all musicians who play the piano.

School & University Piano Tuning

Pianos tuned to perfect concert pitch for the correct aural development of your students. After hours and school holiday appointments available.

Concert & Event Piano Tuning

For exceptional piano preparation and tuning leaving nothing to chance for your concert, event or recording.

Piano Selection

Expert guidance and input to ensure the piano you choose will deliver what the musician wants and needs.

All Piano Types

Our Difference

Most piano tuners only tune the strings and charge extra for other services when they tune a piano.  We are different. All routine piano tuning includes not only tuning but also minor regulation and voicing adjustments. In other words, we offer a full tuning and overview service for every piano as standard.

This means that your appointment takes a little longer, but you will hear the difference in sound that a correctly tuned and serviced piano makes. The little extra adjustments add up to great sound that speaks for itself!

Depending on the requirements of your piano, adjustments may include:

* Pitch adjustment of 10 cents of the piano to A-440Hz (further pitch adjustments will require more time)

* Tuning piano to pitch A-440

* Adjusting pedals and pedal stop rails

* Basic cleaning interior if necessary

* Smoothing over action regulation

* Smoothing over the voicing of hammers to obtain consistent tone

* Checking the tightness of bench screws


What People are Saying

“All the Experience"

“Brian has tuned the pianos in my studio for very many years.  I originally had a Lipmann which served me well for 30 years.  Even as it showed signs of having 40 sets of fingers playing it every week, nothing was too much trouble for Brian, to tediously attend to the middle octave which was worked tediously by many fingers each week.  Three years ago, I purchased a  Kawai GE30 grand piano so now it’s completely ‘run in’ and sounding more beautiful than it did as new. My students love to play on it and nothing stops me from allowing my toddlers to my mature adults enjoy the beautiful tone  as they gain mastery of their repertoire.

Last year, I updated my Lipmann to a  Kawai K6 which has a very different tone from my grand piano of course; however, as a professional instrument, it offers my students the best opportunities to develop beautiful sound as the tone of this piano continues to mature, thanks to the skilful tuning by Brian.  

Brian will spend 4 or 5 hours, regularly,  tuning my pianos to a level of perfection.  It’s never too much trouble for him to take the time to answer lucidly my questions about the mechanisms of my pianos.  He even allowed me to photograph the grand panels so that I could show my students who were delighted. Brian has had experience across the globe and speak of his experiences working on some of the finest pianos in the world for highly professional and demanding performers.  I highly recommend Brian to tune the pianos of  all the families in my studio and also  to seek advice from him if they are buying a piano.  After all, he is the piano technician with all the experience.” 

Denise McKee, Suzuki Piano Studio, Cleveland