What others say about Brian Wilson’s piano tuning & repairs



What People are Saying

“All the Experience”

“Brian has tuned the pianos in my studio for very many years.  I originally had a Lipmann which served me well for 30 years.  Even as it showed signs of having 40 sets of fingers playing it every week, nothing was too much trouble for Brian, to tediously attend to the middle octave which was worked tediously by many fingers each week.  Three years ago, I purchased a  Kawai GE30 grand piano so now it’s completely ‘run in’ and sounding more beautiful than it did as new. My students love to play on it and nothing stops me from allowing my toddlers to my mature adults enjoy the beautiful tone  as they gain mastery of their repertoire.

Last year, I updated my Lipmann to a  Kawai K6 which has a very different tone from my grand piano of course; however, as a professional instrument, it offers my students the best opportunities to develop beautiful sound as the tone of this piano continues to mature, thanks to the skilful tuning by Brian.  

Brian will spend 4 or 5 hours, regularly,  tuning my pianos to a level of perfection.  It’s never too much trouble for him to take the time to answer lucidly my questions about the mechanisms of my pianos.  He even allowed me to photograph the grand panels so that I could show my students who were delighted. Brian has had experience across the globe and speak of his experiences working on some of the finest pianos in the world for highly professional and demanding performers.  I highly recommend Brian to tune the pianos of  all the families in my studio and also  to seek advice from him if they are buying a piano.  After all, he is the piano technician with all the experience.” 

Denise McKee, Suzuki Piano Studio, Cleveland

“Master Technician”

“The relationship between the professional pianist and the piano technician is, in my opinion, one of the most important elements in realising the highest level of performance.

Few people understand how a piano works beyond getting a tuning from time to time. A master technician, however, can make an extraordinary number of changes that will immediately improve the capacity for the performer on both an amateur and professional level to attain much greater control, expressive range and of course enjoyment.

Over many years Brian Wilson has been an inspiring colleague with whom I have had the pleasure of discussing and deepening my own understanding of the inner workings of the piano. It is a relationship of great mutual respect that I value deeply, and I could not recommend Brian highly enough for any piano maintenance.

Timothy Young, Head of Piano and Resident Artist at the Australian National Academy of Music Pianist and Director Ensemble Liaison 

“Second to None”

“Brian’s skills as a piano technician are absolutely second to none. His knowledge and attention to detail during tuning, voicing and maintenance of instruments ensures that any instrument sounds better than ever.”

Brian listens to and works closely with the owner or pianist, and therefore is able to produce stunning results every time. I cannot recommend Brian Wilson highly enough, and look forward to engaging his services for years to come.”

Glenn Christensen, Violinist and Artistic Director of the Mackay Chamber Music Festival

“Utterly Transformative”

“Brian performed utterly transformative work on the piano. He gave me the possibility to sing at the instrument but to also have the response of power and richness when it was required. Thanks again Brian – I couldn’t do that without your expertise and refinement

Angela Turner, Pianist, Lyrebird Trio

“Utter Dedication to the Instrument”

“Thank you Brian. Your re-stringing and general renovation of my Steinway has reconnected me to my instrument in a way that I sometimes no longer thought was possible. Since you brought my Steinway back, my playing has already reached new levels of depth and joy. I’m lifting my game, aiming for ever better performance, because I now have an instrument that SO deserves that.

Your love and care for people’s ability to play beautiful music, as well as your professionalism and utter dedication to the instrument and your customers, shines through everything you do, Brian. Again, I can’t thank you enough.”

 Professor Sidney Dekker, Brisbane, Australia

“Passion and Professionalism”

“I have known Brian Wilson for 25 years.  Over these years, I have called on Brian to look after my own pianos for business and personal and also those of my students.  His passion and professionalism is clearly evident with all aspects of his business.  I can always rely on the fact that Brian will be honest with valuations, tuning and repairs and deliver at the highest standard.  I would highly recommend him to you.”

Joanne Byrnes, Piano Educator – Gold Coast

“Promptness. Efficiency. Reliability.”

“Working as a wedding planner at one of Brisbane’s leading wedding venues my clients demands and requirements are forever changing. On countless occasions you have come to my rescue and be it rain, hail or shine (literally) you are available to tune our Baby Grands.

Your promptness, efficiency and reliability are the reasons I keep returning.

Thank you again, if you ever require a Piano expert – Brian from Piano Care is it!”

Malinda Gillam, Wedding and Special Events Executive, Stamford Plaza, Brisbane

“Truly sounded superb”

“Brian, you did a wonderful job, as usual. I love my piano, and after you have been, it truly sounded superb.”

Jean, McDowall

“Tip top condition”

“We had the party on Sat night and young Vlad played wonderfully. Thank you for keeping our piano in tip top condition!”

Brian Parker & Earle Hinschen, Mudgeeraba

“You’ve basically saved the instrument”

“I just wanted to let you know that the piano is playing and sounding beautiful.

The improvement is most noticeable in the upper and lower register. The key balance I am finding very good as well so I’m delighted with the job so thank you.

You’ve basically saved the instrument as it was becoming almost unplayable. The girls have even commented to their teacher that it’s great! Hi praise indeed!

And to top it off the neighbour, a former fitter and turner silver soldered and polished the music stand hinge so that completes the Kimball restoration. 

Will be in touch for the regular tuning when the time comes.”

Ashley Garland