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Choosing a piano is more challenging than choosing a car. Every piano is unique and has different sound and action.  

Musicians need to take into account everything from room size, the purpose of the piano, musician skill level and budget.

Within each factor, there are hundreds of other factors to consider. Piano placement, room humidity, whether the piano needs to be able to be regularly moved or temporarily relocated for performances, and whether there will be one primary musician or many musicians playing the piano.

If the piano is a performance or concert piano, then minute variances in the volume, tonality, inter-harmonicity and keyboard action become vital.

Some pianos are superb straight from the factory. Others need major voicing, regulation and action adjustment to realise the potential within the instrument.

This is particularly true of second-hand pianos that may have been built pre-war or which have not been adequately maintained. Many second-hand pianos would cost more to repair and bring up to standard than purchasing a new piano.

Brian Wilson assists in the piano selection, to provide expert guidance and input to ensure the piano that you choose will deliver what you want, and will not become an expensive “fixer-upper” or write-off.

He has a special interest in Concert Grand Piano selection and regularly travels internationally to assist buyers in selecting the perfect piano to match a concert space or client

Piano selection services


What People are Saying

“Master Technician”

The relationship between the professional pianist and the piano technician is, in my opinion, one of the most important elements in realising the highest level of performance.

Few people understand how a piano works beyond getting a tuning from time to time. A master technician, however, can make an extraordinary number of changes that will immediately improve the capacity for the performer on both an amateur and professional level to attain much greater control, expressive range and of course enjoyment.

Over many years Brian Wilson has been an inspiring colleague with whom I have had the pleasure of discussing and deepening my own understanding of the inner workings of the piano. It is a relationship of great mutual respect that I value deeply, and I could not recommend Brian highly enough for any piano maintenance.” 

Timothy Young, Head of Piano and Resident Artist at the Australian National Academy of Music Pianist and Director Ensemble Liaison